I have now bought a used D-Link DIR-860L hardware revision A1 router that I will send to Sebastian Gottschall / DD-WRT in Germany.
You are of course more than welcome to donate a small or larger amount of money if you like.
The money will cover these costs!
(You can read about the long story to get to this point and get DD-WRT support for the router here.)

The Expenses

Topics Danish kroner ~ Euros ~ Dollars
Router 360 48.4 55.2
Postage 1 kilogram registered mail
from Denmark to Germany
182.95 24.5 27.3
 Total 542.95 72.9 82.5

Donations so far – starting the 23rd of February 2015:
19.48 € net / 20 € gross / 3 donations
Thank you for all donations!
It makes me happy to see we can do this together! 🙂

You can donate with
(click on the image below to see my email address for PayPal donations. It is my name with a dot (.) in between @

PayPal seems to have a country specific payment site, so it might look at little different in the country you are in. You can try to make a personal payment (and not a buy/purchase) if you like. The amount is totally up to you. 🙂

When you have donated you are free to write about it below in the comment section – e.g. if you want to have it listed publicly.

It is also possible to make a donation to the general DD-WRT project here.

Well, for what it is worth here is an image of me holding the DIR-860L A1 that I bought and which I will send to DD-WRT to get DD-WRT support for this router (click for a little larger image).
dir-860l a1

2 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. D-link 860L H / W ver: A1

    thank you for your work …
    your version works better than

    Lack ip assignment to a machine and management of LEDs …. and it will be perfect.

    The original software opens many port that we do not know the origin.
    I asked D-Link me to list the ports used by the services … it gave me answers but that does not answer my question … so I went back to my free software ….. and I am not disappointed!

    My paypal account is blocked in but once it is set one of which I will.

    is what it is posssible to have your source code?

    thank you

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