DD-WRT for D-Link Routers

UPDATE 6th July 2015: WAN and Power LEDs as well as the USB port now works!
Build: ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/betas/2015/07-06-2015-r27490/dlink-dir860l-a1/

UPDATE 24th June 2015: I have created a DD-WRT forum post here http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=971955 where you can read and post about defects, bugs and so on concerning our D-Link DIR-860L A1 routers.
The intention is that whenever any of us has tested a new beta build of DD-WRT we post to this forum thread.
Whether we have found out that bugs have been fixed or new bugs have appeared we post about it.
Use and Enjoy!

UPDATE 7th May 2015: Recently the beta builds have started to work again according to reports. However there are still some problems regarding USB and the LEDs. You might want to try the latest beta build :
, and report your experiences here, but please follow the guidelines:

UPDATE 25th March 2015: We are very close now! Yesterday Sebastian made this commit
and on the Supported Devices page it now says DIR-860L A1 is supported!!! (dir860l-a1 build 26534 20150324)
So we will just have to wait for it to pop up in the beta section (anything after the 19th of March 2015 and search for ‘dlink-dir860l-a1’) or in the router database. 🙂

UPDATE 15th March 2015: Sebastian confirms he has received the router. Support is underway.

UPDATE 23rd February 2015: I have now received the DIR-860L A1 router – it works – and I have set up a donation page here where you are free to donate money to cover a part of the expenses for the router and for the router to get sent to DD-WRT in Germany! Well, only if you want to! Thanks in advance! 😉

– UPDATE 12th February 2015: In a couple of days I shall receive an A1 revision of the DIR-860L. After a functional test of the router I will set up a link to a donation page, so you are able to donate a smaller or larger amount – what you prefer. See also comments below. To be updated… –

We are some people that e.g. want the D-Link DIR-860L to get DD-WRT support!
But in general we would like that D-Link steps up and supports DD-WRT with e.g. development samples of their routers.
However until now we have not achieved that goal.
You can read more about the attempts to get D-Link to support DD-WRT here and below.
To achieve this goal we contact D-Link and we are gathering good arguments for D-Link to support DD-WRT.
Here is what we have until now:

D-Link DIR-860L

The Arguments

  1. The competitors of D-Link already support various open source routing software such as DD-WRT. Here is a list of examples:
  2. Today tech-savvy users as well as people with special needs buy routers if they e.g. have DD-WRT support.
    It is a competitive advantage if router companies have DD-WRT support.
  3. If and when DD-WRT receives samples of routers from D-Link then quicker DD-WRT support for the hardware will come out which will increase the amount of happy customers.
    People will know whether the device is going to be supported anytime soon!
    Today however there might go 2 – 3 years if at all DD-WRT support comes to D-Link routers. Currently the DD-WRT developers have very limited interest in making support because it is a lot of extra work and they only sometimes get a donated revision of some router by a user, but a lot of time after the router was released to the market. It would make the work a lot easier for the DD-WRT developers if they received samples directly from D-Link!
  4. D-Link on the other side will get a larger share of sold routers and therefore a larger profit if they choose to support DD-WRT!

What You Can Do

First and foremost if a company does not make the needed move on its own then the customers should help the company do so.

Here is what I did. I called the Danish office of D-Link and talked with a sales representative who actually was very friendly and listening. I gave him some of the arguments mentioned above. Afterwards I wrote him an email which he forwarded inside their organisation. After some time nothing had happened so I mailed him again and he was friendly and tried once again to get my message forwarded and heard inside the D-Link organisation. I have not heard anything yet. Maybe because things go slowly. Maybe because of the summertime.

Therefore I strongly suggest that if we stand together each and everyone of us and contact D-Link then there really is a better chance to get through to the decision makers and create the needed momentum!

So here is a brief list of possible moves you can make – meaning -places where you can try to get in touch with D-Link:

  1. Call your local D-Link office – find it here. Select your country and afterwards click “About D-Link” in the top menu. Thereafter click “Contact Us” in the left side menu. The names of the links may have been translated into your local language.
    Now you have the phone number of your local D-Link office for “general questions” so you are now able to call them! Consider the sales department if nothing else seems more appropriate.
  2. A second way to get in touch with D-Link could be through the formula that is also located at the same page mentioned above, but maybe the chance of getting feedback and success is less?
  3. Contact D-Link on their Facebook pages (just search for e.g. ‘dlink’) and come with your arguments. If you like link to this page.
  4. You could also consider writing on Twitter with some hashtags like #DLinkEurope and #Dlink.
  5. Google+ might also be the place to leave a comment – take a look.

Afterwards tell us below what you did!

If you succeed getting in contact with D-Link and they are willing to support DD-WRT you can either contact directly in a private message (PM) in the DD-WRT forum or you can message me if you prefer that.
will then get in touch with D-Link through the contact you have got and sort out the details regarding which address hardware samples should be sent to and so on.

Tell Us What You Did!

To be able to keep track off what people did to get D-Links attention please write a comment below and tell us your story!

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