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  1. Hi Anders,

    let me send you a big thank you for putting your weight behind getting a dd-wrt build for the dir-860L A1. I just ordered that model without realizing that d-link is poorly supported, and am overjoyed to find your site.

    Kind regards from Canada,


    1. Hi Otto,

      You are welcome. 🙂
      Well, you might receive the B1 model in case the stock has run out of A1s.
      B1 is also supported by DD-WRT. And it seems to use less power compared to the A1 model according to my friend who just received his B1 revision of the DIR-860L.
      My friend though has not flashed his B1 with DD-WRT yet and therefore has no experiences with DD-WRT.

      Kind regards


  2. Dear Sir!

    I tried to flash my router dlink 860l rev a1 with beta software for dd-wrt for this router. It failed now only orange power comes up an some times green. Do you have any link or tips how to reflash a bad flash.

    Fisnik Nepola

  3. Hello,
    My name is Evans and I have a D-Link DIR-860L A1 router. I am looking to flash DD-WRT, but I was unable to get it to flash after I downloaded the file from the website:

    Basically, when I first tried to install the webflash version (I went to the backend of my router — via the D-Link Firmware upgrade page under Tools). Unfortunately, it said the webflash file was too large (at 27 MB).

    I then did a 30-30-30 reset on the router and got to the “Firmware Upgrade” page where it allows you to choose and upload a file. I have tried both the webflash and the factory files here (dir860-webflash.bin file and factory-to-ddwrt.bin) but neither of them seems to work. Each time I try to install the firmware, my browser times out before the install completes and I have been unable to get it flashed — one time I was able to get the router to say “Success”, but at that point the router just ended up with a blinking orange light and no internet connection.

    I am hoping that you have had some experience flashing the DD-WRT firmware onto a DIR-860L A1. Do you know if there is a stable / working build available? Or can you help point me in the right direction?

    Evans Love

    1. Hi Evans,

      I’m happy you got the router working after all.
      Since Facebook another build was released (build 28139) where some other nvram fixes was included. I however still have some Power LED blinking, but when I have some time I’ll try and experiment and see if I can get it to stop (but with a factory reset router instead of an old configuration file.)

      Cheers 🙂

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